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Do you want to Learn To Fly?

Have you always dreamed of soaring with the Eagles? Perhaps you would like to fly around Australia in your own aircraft when you retire?

Do you gaze skyward and watch aircraft whisk their passengers to far off lands? Well it sounds like you’ve always dreamed of flying. But you thought it would take too much time, or too much money, or that being a pilot was reserved for those who wanted to pursue a career in aviation.

The fact is that it is easy and affordable to take to the skies as a pilot!

All you really need is the right information to make your dreams a reality. It’s so simple to Learn To Fly. The great adventure to Learn To Fly is a lot easier than most people think.

You can be part of Recreational Aviation Australia, or the area of aviation where pilots fly for the sheer enjoyment of flying. However if your ultimate goal is to end up flying for an airline one day, your flying hours with us will count towards your private or commercial license.

Today there are hundreds of potential pilots, just like you, who are Learning To Fly. They come from all walks of life and have various reasons for wanting to Learn To Fly. Some fly for fun, some to expand business opportunities and some are just looking for an activity that they can share with their family.

Whatever the reason, don’t waste anymore time and call or email me now for more information or to book a Trial Introductory Flight.

Paul Hewitt
Chief Flying Instructor

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