Below is a list of the costs involved to achieve your Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAUS) pilot certificate:


RAAUS Membership
You must apply for a student license within 3 flying hours after starting to learn to fly. For a 12 months RAAUS Student Licence and Membership the cost is $210 paid directly to RAAUS. This includes subscription to an internet version of the monthly full colour Sport Pilot Magazine.


Theory books
A Student Pilot Kit costs $180 and we usually have a couple in stock. The kit includes Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK), Flying Training Manual, Flight Radio for Pilots and a VFR Pilots Logbook.
For dual instruction in our modern Jabiru 230D the rate is $198 per hour including fuel and GST.


Cost of Learning to Fly
You should budget forĀ somethingĀ in the range of $5000 to $7000 including RAAUS Membership. Other schools will tell you that you can do it within the 20 hour minimum requirement but this is quite possible but rare to achieve. Some also may offer you a fixed price package but that is not a feasible option because if you are not up to standard that school will either charge you extra or give you your certificate before you are ready. Will they really keep training you for no charge if you are not ready?


Aircraft hire
To hire our Jabiru 230D privately after you obtain your pilot certificate the cost is $165 per hour including fuel and GST.