Trial Introductory Flight

This flight introduces you to the wonderful world of flying an aircraft yourself. For only $149 it includes:

  • 30 minute flight experience (engine start to engine shutdown)
  • All equipment & training
  • Flying time can be logged towards your licence if decide to proceed with flying training

There is nothing that matches the exhilaration and feeling of accomplishment of flying a plane yourself for the first time by taking to the skies and learning the basics of flying with this Trial Introductory Flight (TIF).

After your flight briefing with your Flight Instructor, we will take off and climb into the blue sky in our modern Jabiru J230D Aircraft. Your experienced Flight Instructor will then demonstrate how to fly the aircraft before you take over and fly it yourself! You can then choose to fly the aircraft for the remainder of the flight or sit back and enjoy the spectacular view of the Far North Queensland coastline and islands.

Learning to fly an aircraft is one of the best things you will do in your life so stop dreaming about … just do it!

Call Paul NOW on 0408 924 089 to arrange your TIF